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Susan Goldstein*

susanWithin days, I could tell a difference in my body. My main post-menopausal issue was dryness. MightyMaca made a huge difference!  In addition, it must have fiber in it, because my system has had no problems with regularity since using it.

I have tried sprinkling it over a salad, which worked well. However, I prefer mixing it in my morning green smoothie, right after my morning walk. It’s a great way to start my day!

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Arielle Ford*

I recently tried Dr. Anna Cabeca’s Mighty Maca. I had already heard wonderful things from others throughout my community as to how beneficial Mighty Maca had been in addressing their own haywire hormones and burnt out adrenal glands (both in women and men)! Her private formula contains a native healing herb, Maca, blended with an incredible array of other healthy, natural ingredients, all of which work synergistically to improve symptoms that impact our quality of life, such as fatigue, low libido, lack of energy and a sluggish metabolism.

Well, let me tell you that this amazing “Green” drink is now endorsed by celebrity trainers, doctors, models, and professional athletes. And now me! Aside from the fact that Dr. Anna somehow made this drink taste beyond good, this stuff packs an energetic punch. You literally feel the energy. I suggest you give Dr. Anna’s product a try.

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Stephanie Berg*

Stephanie BergDr. Cabeca is an inspiration as a doctor, mother, and advocate for women’s health.

And I love her Mighty Maca Greens – in fact, I add it to my daily green smoothie breakfast.

I am a stickler when it comes to purity, and I feel great knowing that I’m getting superior quality superfoods without any added ingredients or fillers and heavy metal tested!

Thank you to Dr. Cabeca for all of this!


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Joey Harrison*

Joey HarrisonAs the owner/instructor of a group fitness and martial arts facility, The Brick, Mighty Maca has become a part of our daily operation.  I shoulder the responsibility of coaching and training 13 athletes who are a part of the United States Martial Arts Team along with 4 National Champions in martial arts.  Mighty Maca plays an important role in keeping my energy level up, while also aiding in the recovery process, so I am prepared for the daily demands.  With the all natural ingredients it eases the mind knowing that I am taking care of my body too. – Joey Harrison www.thebrickssi.com

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Dr. Christianson*

alan“My staff of 25 has recommended at least a dozen different green drinks over the years and everybody loves Might Maca greens by far the most.

It’s the texture, the taste, and it’s the ingredients. It’s got the things you really want and none of the random additive and fillers. It’s gluten free and it’s not full of common allergens.
My wife’s mom (who hates green drinks) is also a huge fan!”

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William D. King, CPA*

“I am grateful to Dr. Anna Cabeca that she introduced me to Mighty Maca. I take Mighty Maca daily, and have felt a noticeable improvement in my energy level and acuity.

As an aside, I have also lost a few pounds. Mighty Maca is easy to add to your daily routine and has a pleasant taste. More importantly, it has made a huge difference in how I feel every day.”

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Dr. Eve Agee*

“Mighty Maca is amazing. It’s the best green drink available for both it’s wonderful taste and it’s powerful hormonal support.

I use it twice a day and I take it everywhere I travel to help stay healthy on the road. It’s loaded with so many great nutrients and I actually look forward to drinking my Mighty Maca.

I love the way it tastes, how it makes me feel and I recommend it to all my clients.”

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Dr. Scott Banks*

“One of the things I have been using in my practice for quite a period of time, a product called Mighty Maca.

I find it to be very beneficial for helping patients with their energy levels and for hormones especially.

Patients really like the taste of it come back and they always want more, always want more. I’ve used a lot of different green formulas over the years, but I find this one to be the most beneficial…

it is really great product that I highly recommend.”

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“Waking Up Feeling Refreshed”

“I have been struggling with joint pain and morning stiffness. I have been drinking the Mighty Maca Greens for two weeks and now I am waking up feeling refreshed, with no stiffness.”

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“So Much More Energy!”

“When I began using Mighty Maca I was at 300lbs and now am at 235lbs! Although diet and exercise continue to be a huge factor of my success, the product definitely made getting through my workouts easier and leveled off my insulin levels which regulated my cravings. My menstrual cycle, vision, and energy levels improved all together.”

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